Thursday, June 25, 2009

Victim requests cancelled

This information has been received. The June 26 and the July 8 victim requests have been cancelled. Thank all of you who have signed up for these. They will be rescheduled.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fairfax County CERT Takes on DC Metro

Members of Fairfax County CERT completed WMATA training and became members of the Metro Citizen Corps.

The program consisted of three modules:

  • Module I – Program Orientation / Terrorist Activity Recognition and Reaction Training
  • Module II – Passenger Train Familiarization at the Metro rail yard
  • Module III – MetroRail Familiarization / Tunnel Walk (Actually entering the MetroRail tunnel system during operating hours)

Thank you to the Metro Transit Police Department and Department of Emergency Management for conducting this training.

Additional photos can be found at (including a train running by us just a few feet away):

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Victim Opportunities

We have some exciting opportunities to volunteer as victims coming up in the next few weeks.

Friday June 26-Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department is asking for victims from 0800-1400. Report to the Academy grounds. This is similar to the drill at Herndon High School last year. Those who participated then know what a good time that was!

Wednesday July 8-The National Burn Center and the good folks from GWU Hospital are conducting a class for the county paramedics. This is really informative for the victim. The scenario covers an incident where the hospital is unable to receive a burn victim and the paramedic needs to assume the role of a doctor. Thought you knew burn care? Location is the Fairfax City Fire Dept from 1230 to 1530, all indoors. Contact Tom Olander at and copy actors.

Saturday July 11-CERT's don't forget the Pentagon decon drill organized by our Arlington Co CERT members. See earlier posts.

All victims should be at least 16 years old. Wear clothing that can get dirty and ripped. Always bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen. Closed end shoes required. The 7/8 Burn drill requests male victims due to the 'hands on' training. The little time you donate goes a long way in providing realistic training for our first responders!

Questions? Send an email to

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's your new CERT Class

This is the class picture after the June 7, 2009 exercise. These folks successfully identified, evacuated and extricated over 100 live victims Sunday. Not bad for a days work. We welcome all of them to the CERT family!

Monday, June 8, 2009


The final exercise for CERT class 38 was held on June 7 at the Fairfax Co Fire & Rescue Academy. Over 100 actor/survivors came out to help us provide a realistic drill for our students. The students were presented with many situations and severity of injuries. Some of our 'walking wounded' helped out with rescues while other actors required extrication. The students thank you for helping them train, the actors thank you for your dedication to our community. Several students have signed up for the next class this fall. THANK YOU ACTORS, we all appreciate your help and hope you come back again. In fact over 140 actors came out during this class session to help out. THANK YOU! Also a big thank you to all the staff, instructors and other volunteers that helped make this exercise a big sucesess.
Thanks class 38. Continue with your training, stay in touch, participate as an actor-you will learn more than you'll think and promote the program of emergency preparedness in the community with one of our outreach events. You are now a member of the CERT family, be proud of what you have done.

CERTs at Celebrate Fairfax-a recap for you

Hi folks!
This weekend CERT members handled an operational role at Celebrate Fairfax. We managed the child registration booths at this large fair, and ran the CERT outreach booth as well.
CERT members were on site all three days of the event; working in shifts to ensure the youngest festival guests stayed safe in case they got lost.
Thanks to those who helped work our largest outreach (and operational role) event of the year! This group ROCKED this weekend!

Terry from CERT 14-your volunteer PIO
Kevin from CERT 20-your actor coordinator
Judy from CERT 29 our outreach coordinator
Randy from CERT 23
Sandra from CERT 34
Patty from CERT 19
Donna from CERT 1
Bob from CERT 34
Grace from CERT 34
Donna from CERT 1
and Lani from CERT 4

Check out more pictures from this event on our Fairfax County CERT page on !

your volunteer PIO

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CERT outreach at the Potomac Valley/River Bend Civic Association

While some CERT's were working at the Herndon festival, having a good time, we had another event going on. The "hardest working lady in CERT outreach", our outreach coordinator Judy was also working. She was invited to the Potomac Valley/River Bend civic association spring fling event; where she "talked CERT" to the crowds. Her writeup on the event is below.
Thanks to Judy and to Jeanne, one of our CERT family for setting up this great event!
your volunteer PIO

Hey Folks,

My appearance at the PVRB Spring Fling was a great success.! Thanks to CERT Jeanne's efforts, she got 19 names for the community's CERT basic class. Jeanne says that they may be able to come up with a church hall for the classroom.
Judy (29)

Rapid Psychological first aid training available June 12th.

Hi folks,
Click on the graphic to get a better view of the dates, times and costs of this
training session.
your volunteer PIO

Monday, June 1, 2009

CERT's in operation at the Herndon Festival-a recap

Hi folks!
CERT members played an operational role in support of the Herndon festival this past weekend. CERT's worked in the first aid station in support of EMS during the four day event. We also managed lost child operations in support of the festival.
Thursday and Friday were quiet, with few injuries and one lost child per night (and torrential downpours both nights!)
Saturday was the big day; we had 12 lost children in the course of the day, one which necessitated a search of the festival grounds (all of downtown Herndon!) to find the child. (Not as easy as it sounds!) But we had a 100% success rate. There were many tearful and happy "mother and child reunions" on Saturday.There were numerous minor scrapes cuts and bruises throughout the course of the festival-at one point Saturday afternoon, we went from no patients in the aide tent to six of them in less than a minute. We were BUSY!
CERT members assisted by taking information from the patients and getting supplies for the EMT's as needed; and getting info from the lost child or parent to relay to the police on the grounds.
Each CERT crew assisted with the EMS "run teams", walking around the festival grounds looking for guests in distress. Your CERTs also went out as roving safety patrols; looking for hazards and correcting them or pointing them out as necessary.
Sunday was somewhat quieter than Saturday, but we still had a steady flow of "customers".

A big thank you goes out to the Fair Oaks volunteer fire department for allowing us to help them this weekend; they are a super group of amazingly dedicated (and fun to be with!) group of people.

It was an exciting weekend folks, and these dedicated CERT members participated in making the 2009 Herndon festival a safe and enjoyable event for all. I say dedicated, because each CERT that participated stayed longer than their original scheduled shifts. . All CERTs help was greatly needed and very much appreciated!

Terry, your volunteer PIO/ CERT 14
Lani from CERT 4
Bennie from CERT 38
Peter from CERT 34
Donna from CERT 1
Randy from CERT 23
Susy from CERT 4

A special "YOU ROCK" goes out to the Saturday crew; Donna and Randy.These two CERTs worked nearly 13 hours straight (although their shift was scheduled for only 6 hours)-we were that busy!

We have Celebrate Fairfax coming up too! The event runs from Friday June 5th through Sunday June 7th. If you would like to help at this event (where we will be doing the same things as we did in Herndon) just send me an email with your name, your CERT class number and a cellphone number. Come out and enjoy the action!

your volunteer PIO