Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Walton Feed Order deadline is September 30

There are many Food Storage/Emergency preparedness companies to purchase from. Walton Feed is one of them. We do not endorse any of them. This announcement is for your convenience.

With food prices climbing and no end in site. It would be wise to plan ahead and start working or adding to your food storage and preparedness plans.

Walton Feed Fall 2012 order's deadline is September 30. If you are interested in looking at a current price list and seeing the products that they offer, Please, email me at jhowell695@gmail.com. Walton feed carrys bulk items in pails,25lb and 50lb bags, #2.5 and #10 cans of freeze dryed and dryed items, as well as beans, wheat, rice, etc. They also have books on food storage and how to use it. I also have information on what to storage and how much to storage as to the family size. They also carry water storage solutions.
The larger our order the closer the truck from Idaho will deliver. Delivery is projected to be around Thanksgiving.

Interested: contact me at jhowell695@gmail.com

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steering Committee Monthly Meeting August 21, 2012

Steering Committee Monthly Meeting
August 21, 2012 ~ 7:00pm
Fairfax County Government Center, Room 232

Meeting Minutes

• All attendees introduced themselves.
• ‘Meet the Canteen’ - Missy T-F introduced the purpose of the mobile canteens. It is deployed to 3 alarm or higher calls to serve the FRD as well as victims impacted by the fire. Canteens are stocked with beverages and light snacks provided by donations. There are four fire stations in Fairfax County that have a canteen – Springfield, Vienna, Centreville and Annandale. Springfield and Vienna encourage CERT volunteers to staff the canteen. This is an excellent way for CERTs to engage with the fire stations, and build visibility and relationships between the fire fighters and CERTs.
JJ Jackson – CERT 61 and Springfield Station 22 led us on a tour of ‘Double Deuce’.
Those interested in volunteering with the Canteen in Springfield are asked to contact Rick Machado (rmachado@gsvfd.org).
• Fairfax County host CERT Con in 2013 or 2014 – Missy T-F has done some preliminary research regarding the funding source and will follow up with Jeffrey K.
• Boy Scout Camporee – possibly for spring 2013. This meets the requirement for Emergency Preparedness and Teen CERT badges. Consider exploring Girls Scouts in the future. Ariel P will take the lead on GS.
• Moulage class – Susy L will teach a moulage class targeted for the end of September. 4 hrs, 12 students. Consider involving Jerome Williams.
 Action Item: Susy L to contact Jeffrey K regarding ordering supplies. 30 day lead time.
• CERT III – Steve W has developed curriculum. 20 hr training – 5x4hr classes on ICS, communication, big picture, HIPAA, blood borne disease and pathogens, cultural diversity, etc. Target Spring 2013.
• CERT II – class starting soon. Fairfax version of new FEMA slides ready. Volunteer teaching and victim opportunities available to CERTs, contact Missy to sign up.
• Prospective Instructors - the process to become an instructor in Fairfax County is documented and available on the fairfaxcert.com website under Resources. Make your initial intent known to Steve W.
• Train the Trainer (FEMA) by National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg - requires endorsement from your jurisdiction. Procedure – Show interest, be active in program, submit request.
• CERT presentation to battalion chiefs – Steve W presenting in Oct or Nov.
• Pati G suggested organizing a CERT social in the fall. Possible locations are Government Center or FRA. Format is potluck.
 Action Item: Jeffrey K to solicit interest level via Friday email.

Committee Reports

Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant- Mary M and Missy T-F

• Request to include more info on the Training Curriculum site for classes
 Action Item: Jeffrey K will expand info in Training curriculum
• Shelter Operations and Simulation class by Red Cross was good. Students require 3rd module available by signing up with Red Cross.
 Action Item: Jeffrey K to clarify additional requirements for Red Cross Shelter Operations
• After Action Reports (AARs) – Reminder for ICs to send AARs to Mary M within 5 days after the event
• Due to Mary M by August 29 –
 Action Item: Committee leads to send reports to Mary M describing events and skills used
 Action Item: Everyone send individual hours to Mary M
Note: Funding provided by the state is based on the monthly reports we submit showing level of activity and engagement in the community. Timely and accurate numbers is essential to developing the report for the state.

Training Coordinator- James S

Class Date Location
CERT I for Exxon
[15-30 employees registered] Aug 24, 2012 (8 classes) Exxon campus
CERT Animal Response Module 2 tbd tbd
[45 students registered]
Volunteer teaching and victim opportunities available to CERTs, contact Missy to sign up Sep 4, 2012,
Sep 6, 2012 FRA
Disaster Psychology Sep 12, 2012
Sep 26, 2012 FRA
CERT Refresher Sep 17, 2012 Mount Vernon
WMATA Safety Class Sep 30, 2012 Metro building, DC
[4 hrs, 12 students]
Note: Scheduling should be prior to Oct exercise and allow practice at last few classes tbd
CERT I for Mount Vernon Oct 1, 2012 Mount Vernon
CERT I for Fairfax Station
James S, Jack L and Susy L to co-teach tbd (September/October) tbd
NSC First Aid tbd tbd
NSC CPR tbd tbd
Radio Communications
(content prepared and ready - James S) tbd Tbd (2 locations)
Ropes and Knots tbd tbd
Train the Trainer (FEMA)
Note: Requires endorsement from your jurisdiction. Procedure – Show interest, be active in program, submit request. Nov 5-7, 2012,
Feb 4-6, 2013,
May 6-8, 2013,
Aug 19-21, 2013
EMI in Emittsburg
CERT I for Ft Belvoir
 Action Item: James S work with contact to get buy-in tbd Ft Belvoir
CERT I for Skyline tbd tbd
ICS300 for CERT III tbd (Spring 2013) tbd
CERT III tbd (Spring 2013) tbd

Actor Victim Coordinator- Kevin M Assistant-Scott S

• Start recruiting for October drill at local drama clubs.
• PG County CERT members interested to volunteer as actors at next drill.

Team Coordinator- Susy L

• This program is on hold and waiting further instructions from Jeffrey Katz.

Logistics Coordinator- Lani Y Assistants- Alia C, Faith McC (absent)

• Vests in larger sizes have been ordered.
• Shirts (polo and t) have been ordered.
• Hats – Jeffrey K will send to Lani Y, distribution criteria tbd.
• Bins, all three are full. Trailer is full.
• Issue shirts after graduation.
• Pelican bags – three procured for radio kits. James S assembling three ‘Radio Go Kits’ consisting of a dozen radios, power strip, chargers, batteries and instructions.

 Action Item: James S show-and-tell ‘Radio Go Kits’ at next meeting.
 Action Item: Pre-class inventory of 65 backpacks on Aug 26 @ 13:30 @ FRA - Lani, Alia and several volunteers. James needs 15, Steve needs 50.
 Action Item: Organize trailer prior to Oct exercise. Lani, Alia and several volunteers, date tbd.
 Action Item: Jeffrey K to order cargo netting for trailer.

Operational Role Event Coordinators- Steve R

The World Police and Fire Games are hosted by Fairfax County in June 26 - July 5, 2015 – anticipate the contact person to visit Steering Committee meeting in the future.

PIO- Judy H Assistant- Bob McD

• A Steering Committee member should attend first CERT class to introduce program in Fairfax County. Attend again toward middle and end of class to reiterate opportunities and how to get involved.
• Revised model at outreach events to provide instructions of how to register for info and training rather than have people sign up on a list and we follow up. Judy H circulated a draft of this format at the meeting for feedback. Also consider - have a laptop available for on the spot registration.
• Bob McD discussed what information should be published on VDEM calendar.
• All outreach materials should be organized and returned to Logistics after events. Please notify Judy H of any shortages of materials.

Teams- Jack L Assistant Bob G

• This program is on hold and waiting further instructions from Jeffrey Katz.

Secretary- Anita VdM

• Confirmed Steering Committee email distribution list was circulated after last meeting.
 Action Item: Anita VdM to create breakdown of Steering Committee attendee names and email addresses.


Event Date Contact person / Feedback
State Department Presentation July 18, 2012 Judy H / Well received, Foreign Service considering CERT curriculum for embassy staff training
Fairfax County 4H Aug 4-5, 2012 James S

National Night Out
(sponsored by Target) Aug 7, 2012
3 locations Judy H / Well received, Skyline location recruited 15 students for CERT I
[With DELMARVA SAR and PG County CERT] Aug 19, 2012 Missy T-F and 4 Fairfax County CERTs participated. Fairfax was well received, great learning opportunity for all groups, duct tape in action.
Event Date Contact person / Feedback
Fairfax City Kids Triathlon Aug 19, 2012 James S + 8 Fairfax County CERTs were organized as a strike team under the Fairfax City CERT IC and were assigned the bike portion of the event. Received ‘thank you’ email from Walter English, head of Fairfax City CERT.
Meet the Canteen
Aug 21, 2012
@ Steering Committee mtg Missy T-F / Well received.
The ’dance’.
Event Date Contact person / Next steps
Ft Belvoir Drill Aug 28, 2012 (class)
Aug 30, 2012(drill)7:00-10:00 James S
Get Ready Fairfax
@ Tysons Corner Center Sep 10, 2012
10:00-16:00 tbd – pending confirmation
911 Day of Service at Freedom Plaza Sep 11, 2012 Judy H
Pentagon National Preparedness Fair Sep 19, 2012
(6:00-10:00 set-up,
10:00-16:00 fair) Judy H, Steve R

BAH Preparedness Fair Sep 2012 tbd - pending confirmation
Military appreciation unknown James S
Fall for Fairfax Sep 29-30, 2012 tbd
CERT Final Drill Oct 20, 2012 tbd
Capital Shield
[Fairfax County FRD not participating but managing site, CERT participating, bring CERT trailer] Oct 9-10-11-12, 2012
Dates to be confirmed Rich H – Safety Officer,
Judy H, Scott S
Fire Station Open Houses Oct 13, 2012 CERTs are encouraged to interface with local fire stations to establish need and make connection.
Jeffrey K - Mention in Friday email

Action Items Recap

 Susy L to contact Jeffrey K regarding ordering supplies. 30 day lead time.
 Jeffrey K to solicit interest level via Friday email.
 Jeffrey K will expand info in Training curriculum
 Jeffrey K to clarify additional requirements for Red Cross Shelter Operations
 Committee leads to send reports to Mary M describing events and skills used by Aug 29, 2012
 Everyone send individual hours to Mary M by Aug 29, 2012
 James S continue working with Ft Belvoir contact to get buy-in for CERT I class
 James S show-and-tell ‘Radio Go Kits’ at next meeting.
 Pre-class inventory of 65 backpacks on Aug 26 @ 13:30 @ FRA – Lani Y, Alia C and several volunteers. James needs 15, Steve needs 50.
 Organize trailer prior to Oct exercise. Lani Y, Alia C and several volunteers, date tbd.
 Jeffrey K to order cargo netting for trailer.
 Anita VdM to create breakdown of Steering Committee attendee names and email addresses.
 James S to develop tracking mechanism for FEMA Train the Trainer attendance
 Missy T-F to follow up with Jeffrey K re CERT Con hosting opportunity.

Attendance: 24 CERT members or affiliate

Next Meeting
The next Fairfax County CERT Steering Committee meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at the Fairfax County Government Center. All CERT members are welcome to attend.
12000 Government Center Parkway - Room 232
Fairfax, VA 22035

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac: Monitor Its Path and Prepare Now

DHS -FEMA Update
Tropical Storm Isaac: Monitor Its Path and Prepare Now
Forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service are calling for Tropical Storm Isaac to pass the Dominican Republic today and near or over Cuba this weekend. Some strengthening is expected while the center remains over water. While it is still too early to know exactly how strong the storm will be after its interaction with land this weekend or where the storm will have the greatest impact to the U.S. Coast, we encourage people throughout Florida, the Gulf Coast and parts of the East Coast to make sure they take steps to prepare for potential severe storm, hurricane and flooding conditions. Stay tuned to your local news and always evacuate when instructed to.
Take time this weekend to ensure you:
• Have an adequate communication plan with friends and family
• Identify hurricane evacuation routes
• Gather supplies including a battery- powered radio, extra batteries, flashlight, cell phone chargers, medications, non-perishable food and first aid items for family and pets
Remember, hurricanes also bring flooding. Flooding can occur two ways: gradually or very suddenly. If you are in an area where there is a chance flooding can occur very suddenly, which is also known as a “flash flood,” move immediately to higher ground. Avoid walking or driving through any flooded areas – it only takes six inches of fast-moving flood water to knock over an adult and two feet to move a vehicle.
Prepare for hazards in YOUR area
Although you may not be is Isaac’s path, now is a good time to review the potential hazards where you live. Knowing likely risks for your area, whether wildfires, earthquakes, or tornados, and knowing what to do when a disaster strikes is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds matter. Local Emergency management offices can help you identify hazards in your community and can outline the local plans and recommendations for each. And be sure to share this information with family, neighbors, colleagues and friends – talking about preparedness helps everyone be ready “just in case.” Use the links below to make your family, business and community safer, more resilient and better prepared for any disaster event.
Useful links
What to do before, during, and after a hurricane or tropical storm:
• On your computer: www.Ready.gov/hurricanes
• On your phone: m.fema.gov or on the FEMA app
Latest Isaac forecast from the National Hurricane Center:
• On your computer: www.hurricanes.gov
• On your phone: http://hurricanes.gov/mobile
• On Twitter: www.twitter.com/NHC_Atlantic
• On Facebook: www.facebook.com/US.NOAA.NationalHurricaneCenter.gov
Community preparedness tools and resources:
• Community Preparedness Toolkit: http://www.citizencorps.gov/getstarted/toolkit/kitindex.shtm
• Citizen Corps Program: http://www.citizencorps.gov/index.shtm
• Youth Preparedness: http://www.citizencorps.gov/getstarted/youth/youthindex.shtm
• Business Preparedness: http://www.citizencorps.gov/getstarted/business.shtm
• Neighbors Helping Neighbors: http://www.citizencorps.gov/getstarted/neighborshelpingneighbors.shtm

Monday, August 20, 2012

CERT Steering Committee Meeting August 21, at 7 pm

Join us at the Government Center for the August CERT steering committee meeting. This is an open meeting. Join us for a tour of the Fire Departments canteen.

We also have two big events in September. One, on September 11 in DC at Freedom Plaza and second, on September 19 at the Pentagon. Watch your emails for more information.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 21, CERT steering committee meeting and Aug 19 training exercise

Please join us for the monthly CERT Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at The Fairfax County Government Center, located at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax. The meeting room number will be on the monitor in the lobby. This meeting is open and all CERTs are invited to attend.

Fairfax CERT has been invited to participate in a training exercise this Sunday, August 19, 2012 in Linthicum, MD, 8am-3pm. The exercise is hosted by DELMARVA Search and Rescue and Prince George's County Council of CERT SAR team.

The CERTEX is an exciting and hands on exercise that takes place at The Rubble Pile (similar to the one located at Lorton). The scene is realistic with boats, buses, and trailers that look as if a tornado has swept through. Come join us and practice your skills in a very realistic environment.

We have just a few openings left for Fairfax CERTs. If you would like more information or would like to register, please email Missy Tuttle-Ferrio at asstvolunteercoordinator@fairfaxcountycert.org

Friday, August 3, 2012

Outreach help for National Night Out

Fellow CERT members...we are in need of help staffing Outreach booths at three events for NNO on Tuesday August 7. These events start at 6 pm and end at 9 pm. The locations are as follows:

Burke Target

Middleridge Park

Skyline PLaza

I live in Skyline Plaza and can work that event by myself, but try as I might, I'm not omnipresent. I need a couple of people at Burke Target and Middleridge Park. All locations have been great fun in past years. I have asked that we not be located by the stage at Middleridge Park this year, so it will be easier to "talk" CERT to our neighbors there.

I will need team leads for Burke Target and Middleridge.

Please, conact me with your name, class #, email and which location you can work at.

Judy Howell