Sunday, September 30, 2012

Capitol Shield Mass Causality Field Training Exercise October 11-12, 2012.

Capitol Shield is shaping up to be one of the most challenging training opportunities to date.

On October 11 & 12, The Capital Shield Exercise events are occurring in DC at the Blue Plains Training Fire Academy from 0600-1500 (Prep to Clean Up). Our roles should be the same as last year. On both Thursday October 11th and Friday October 12th, Fairfax and Montgomery County CERT Teams will moulage 100 victims. Then, when the drill begins, we will be working with the Doctors, Nurses and Medics of the 166th Med Detachment to rescue and treat victims injured from a bomb blast and building collapse. We will also be receiving victims from the DC Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team.

We should come prepared to do search and rescue and some disaster first aide. We should bring our own water, food, sun screen, etc.

If you would like to attend, email Rich Hall at Please indicate which days you can be there. Once you sign up, Rich will provide the directions and information on parking.

CERT volunteers needed for the following great events:

Oct 20th—CERT Outreach at All Saints Episcopal Church Bazaar Hours: 9-3 at 3421 Franconia Rd. Alexandria.

For those of you not already helping at the final drill at Lorton, here is a great opportunity for you to volunteer and sleep a little later.

If you are interested in supporting outreach at the Bazaar, please respond to


Oct 13--- Fire Station Open House(s) annual event

In an effort to prevent home fires before they start, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department will host Fire Prevention Week Open House, Saturday, October 13, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. stations throughout the county.

The theme for 2012 is "Have Two Ways Out!" It serves to remind us all of the simple actions we can take to stay safe from fire year round. Every firehouse will host activities, provide tours, and have available fire prevention educational materials.

CERT will be participating at multiple stations. Here is your change to sign up and volunteer at a station in or near your community. Meet your neighbors; get to know the Fire and Rescue folks at your local station, eat FD food! Spread the word about what CERT is all about. We would like to have our stations fully staffed so that we could do CERT demonstrations and help with safety at some of the attractions at the stations. We will need you to be at the station at 0930 to set up except for FS22, that’s at 0730. Please, respond to and

The stations we are participating at are:

McLean 01

Vienna 02

Burke 14

Centreville 17

Fair Oaks 21

Greater Springfield 22----would like us to be there at 0730

Additionally, we are asking for volunteers to help with logistics for the event. Be part of the Setup Strike Team! You would only be responsible for assisting with logistical support for this event. This would involve conveying outreach materials to/ from the Fire Academy / Fire Station. Many outreach volunteers can support time at the event but do not have the car space for the displays. Some volunteers might only have a spare hour and cannot stay all day for Saturday’s event. This is an experiment to see how spreading the tasks out could help us all.

Moulage class October 9 and 11, Final Exercise Octobert 20

The Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is offering a class in the art of basic moulage. This class will teach you the basics in creating realistic looking wounds and injuries using theatrical make-up. Upon completion of this one night class, your "final exam" will consist of assisting in performing moulage on actors for the CERT Final Exercise in Lorton on Saturday October 20.
 The class will be offered on Tuesday October 9 and Thursday October 11 from 7pm to 10:30pm at the Fire and Rescue Academy. Class size will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12. You only need to attend one session

On October 20th, the current CERT classes will be holding their final exercise at the Lorton Facility. If you would like to volunteer to assist or be a victim, please contact

Volunteer "Victims" are needed for a VRE Emergency Drill

This drill will take place in Alexandria, VA. VRE is looking for volunteers to be victims of this simulated train disaster. The drill will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2012. Volunteer victims need to arrive no later than 7:30AM.

The volunteers will be free to leave no later than 1 PM that afternoon.

If you are interested, email directly to
Check out this link from FEMA on subway first responder training. This training facility is not related to the above drill.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rabid animal incidents on the rise! Rabid Beaver Chases Children; No Injuries

West Springfield Police District – Animal Control Officers responded to a report of a beaver that was chasing children at the Hidden Pond Nature Center on Saturday, September 8 around 11:30 a.m.
The children had just finished a fishing competition when they noticed a beaver in the water swimming towards the dock they were standing on. The beaver leapt out of the water onto the dock and was seen acting aggressively and chasing the children. An animal control officer responded to the scene, cleared the area, and shot the beaver.
No one was bitten and there were no injuries. However, due to another rare incident in which an 83-year-old woman was attacked by a beaver while she was swimming in Lake Barcroft last week, Animal Control Officers decided that the animal should be tested for rabies.

Officials were notified that the beaver was rabid on Tuesday, September 11.

In an unrelated incident, officials were also notified of a rabid raccoon in the Lake Barcroft area on Sunday, September 9. It was seen acting strangely and walking up towards people near their homes around 2:30 p.m. in the 6300 block of Lakeview Drive. Due to the concern of the previous beaver incident, animal control officers will, again, canvass the area with educational flyers on the rabies virus.
For more information on rabies, see