Sunday, September 7, 2008

Centreville day Saturday September 13th-help needed!

Hi folks!
CERT has been asked to participate in the Centreville Day festival, held in Centreville on Saturday September 13, 2008. The event will be held at St. John's episcopal church, which is located at 5649 Mount Gilead Road in Centreville, VA (just off Hwy.29). The time for the event is from 10am to 6pm (our part in the public service display area/side parking lot will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). This event is a wonderful opportunity to help make our neighbors aware of personal and family preparedness.
Personally,I have a crisis with this event - I can't get the time off from work to set up the booth! Folks, I work pretty much seven days a week; on Saturdays I work until noon. Is there a CERT out there in "CERT land" that could set up the display and cover it until 12:30 or so? If someone can set up the display and cover the event until that time; I can come down and finish out the rest of the day with no problems.
Below are some of the particulars regarding set up of the displays. Parking passes will be issued to the participants; I have requested four passes. These should be given to us before the event; but I will clarify this ASAP.
Set up needs to occur prior to the start of the parade at 10am, and barricades will be set up by 9:30am to limit traffic. Parking passes will be provided to you and any volunteers who will be helping you throughout the day. Tear down will occur around 6pm, although you can always leave earlier if necessary.
Folks, if anyone can help, I would really!!!!! appreciate it. Please email me at with your name, a phone number and your CERT class number.

your volunteer PIO

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