Monday, June 7, 2010

AAR - CERT Outreach – MRC’s Get Ready Fairfax – Springfield Mall, June 5

This was a Medical Reserve Corps and Fairfax County Health Department event – which we were asked to participate in as another Fairfax County sponsored community service.

CERT Outreach events are some of the greatest opportunities we have to make the public aware of the Fairfax County CERT program. Remember the axiom the “greatest good for the greatest number” also applies when it comes to our public relations. Talking about CERT to the public is not for everyone, but showing what CERT is and what it can do for the community is just as important as being a “victim” and supporting other operational roles. Remember that most of those that have taken the CERT training were introduced to the program through Outreach events.

I would like to start an e-mail distribution list that can reach those that don’t often read the Blog or want a more formal information and situational awareness mechanism. Please contact me directly by e-mail ( or if you would like to be made aware of future CERT Outreach opportunities.(Put "CERT Contact List" as the subject line).