Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Additional Information on the Lorton Exercise

From Steve Willey:

This information is intended for ALL PERSONS attending the drill – regardless of your role (Participants, Victims, Visitors etc,)

We are excited to present the CERT Final exercise at the Former Lorton Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) this Saturday at 7am. The early start is planned the a couple of reasons, first, we start early, we finish early and we are done before the heat of the day. The weather is looking seasonal, sun screen and bug repellant are a must. This site is used extensively for rescue training and has inherent hazards including, but not limited to sharp objects, broken glass, nails, insects, tripping hazards, etc.

Some additional must’s:

· ALL PERSONS coming on the site (regardless of your role) must wear shoes that completely enclose the foot – No sandals, Teva’s, Keen’s, High heels, Pumps etc. – Persons arriving without proper foot wear will be denied access to the site – No EXCEPTIONS

· ALL PERSONS coming on the site (regardless of your role) must wear long pants – No shorts or skirts – Persons arriving without proper attire will be denied access to the site!

· All cars park in the lot in front of the JDC. No POV’s will be allowed on the site.

· You may bring any resources you like, however they will need to be carried in and kept with you during the exercise.

· For those persons bringing victims, we would recommend some form of entertainment during the periods of waiting – a book, an iPod, a DS….

· Bring a water bottle, cup or some other water storage device. We will have drinking water available on site.

· Bring Sunscreen

· Bring Bug repellent

· Certificates will be handed out at the end of the exercise.

· For students who are looking for community service credit, documentation will be issued at the end of the exercise.