Monday, June 21, 2010

Fairfax County Virtual Fairfax 3-D map application released

The Fairfax County GIS Office in the Department of Information Technology (DIT) has released a new Internet map application called Virtual Fairfax. This new map application provides a twist to viewing county data as you can explore portions of the county from a 3-D perspective. In addition to viewing the map data and imagery, you can also easily link to other Fairfax County data like detailed neighborhood reports in My Neighborhood. Tax Administration assessment information from the real estate tax assessment information site, and land development information in LSDNet.

Currently the full 3-D imagery is only available to certain areas of the county - Tysons Cornet Mall area, Reston Town Center area, Massey-Public Safety Complex, etc. The 3-D perspective is especially impressive when viewing areas with high-rise buildings. Be sure to take a look at the support page to get started to make full use of the special features such as fly, pan, tilt,zoom, etc. Obviously, this application will run better on newer PCs with more memory and stranger video cards.

Suggestions or comments regarding this application should be directed to the GIS Office in the County's DIT at

Virtual Fairfax- http;//

Explore and enjoy!
Thanks Jeffrey