Sunday, June 6, 2010

Herndon Festival

The festival ran for 4 days and CERT members assisted Fairfax County Fire and Rescue volunteers in the First Aid tent for 3 of those days.
Friday night was slow with only a few visits requiring attention for cuts and scrapes. Saturday had almost 50 people requiring attention from situations like scrapes, dehydration and overindulgences from food and/or rides. One person required a trip to the hospital. After the fireworks, there were approximately 7 lost children that were brought to the tent. Sunday brought the most excitement when the tent had to be evacuated during a severe thunderstorm. Even then, CERT assisted with the evacuation and reconnecting a lost child with a parent. Upon returning to the tent, one person was waiting there who needed assistance with a minor head wound due to the strong winds. Also during the day, there were 2 calls that required the patients to be transported to a hospital.

Whew! What a satisfying and educational weekend! I can't wait to attend next year!

A special Thanks to Susy L. for helping out with this event!