Monday, May 30, 2011

CERT at the Fair Oaks Ambulance Chase AND Viva Vienna

Hi folks,
This weekend a number of Fairfax County CERTs participated in two large operational role events-the Fair Oaks VFD 5k Ambulance Chase and the Viva Vienna festival.
The CERTs were course marshalls during the 5k run; keeping the runners on the proper course and maintaining route safety. James from CERT 32, our outreach coordinator was the IC for this event. Great job folks!!!!!!!!!

At Viva Vienna, CERTs are helping with event security, doing safety patrols and telling others about our great CERT program, through the use of a very large outreach display and CERT's talking to the public about the program. Charles from CERT 12 is doing a great job at this event; thanks to all of those who are participating!!!!!!

Looks like fun, doesn't it? It IS fun-and serves a hugely useful purpose to the community. Ever said, "Gee I wish I could do something like this". If your'e a Fairfax County CERT member, YOU CAN!!!
The nice thing is that there are two more events coming up where CERTs CAN help-the Herndon Town Festival, which takes place next weekend; and the Celebrate Fairfax festival which comes up the weekend of June 10-12th. CERT members will be helping with many duties at both events; including child registration station duties, lost child operations and first aid station support.
If you are interested in helping at either upcoming event; contact the IC's for the events. I'm sure they would enjoy the help; I'm sure you will enjoy working the events!

For the Herndon Festival, contact Lani from CERT 4 at .

For Celebrate Fairfax, contact Robin from CERT 29 at

Thanks and a big "YOU ROCK" to those who helped at these events.