Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fire Station Open Houses

Folks, on top of the 30 CERT members we need to support the BSA Camporee, we have 5 Fire Stations to support with our annual Fire Station Open Houses. With 700 trained CERT members in Fairfax County, I'm hopeing to get some more help with the open houses. This is an easy outreach event in your local communities. It is a great way to get to know the guys and gals that visit your neighborhoods in everyday emergencies and for the day when that major disaster strikes.
Ideally, I would like two cert members pre station, but with the BSA event at the Fire and Rescue Academy we could go with one.
The fire station will feed us. Fire station food is great!
These open houses start around 9 am and end around 3 or 330 pm. You will have an Outreach kit for each station.

Please, contact me at or, cc terry at

Thank You,