Monday, December 19, 2011

The Fairfax County CERT 4 wheel drive registry

The 4 wheel drive registry started a few weeks ago has really been popular-thanks to all of those CERTs who have already signed up. The response has been very good to this request; CERT members from all over the county have already signed up.

The 4 wheel drive registry has been such a success that we wanted to repost the request. Here is the duty-
Using your personal 4 wheel drive vehicles, drivers on the CERT 4 wheel drive registry will help get doctors and nurses to hospitals, patients to dialysis treatment, etc. during snow events. This is a volunteer duty, and there are requirements to meet. The requirements are below:

1. Be a Fairfax County CERT-this is open to CERT basic, CERT 2 and CERT 3 graduates.
2. Have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
3. Your vehicle must be properly registered and insured to operate on Virginia roads.
4. A desire to help.....
5.Your name.
6.Your CERT class number.
7. Your contact info-home/ cell number, email address and home address (for GIS mapping and dispatching purposes)
8. How many passengers can your 4x4 hold (each passenger in your vehicle must have a seatbelt)

When the next snowstorm comes up, the drivers listed on the registry would be activated- county entities would tell the drivers where the passengers are located. The CERT member picks up the passengers and drives them to (or from) the hospital or treatment center or location as the situation dictates.
Contact me, Judy Howell at or if you wish to be included in the CERT 4 wheel drive registry.