Thursday, December 22, 2011

Remember, you never know what you'll find...

Remember during the Hazards class I talked about you never know what you'll find in someone else's house? Remember the part about people possibly having war relics stashed away? Well, I bring you news out of York, Maine:

YORK, Maine — While cleaning out the house of a World War II veteran, a local resident found a souvenir from conflict: A Japanese hand grenade.

Not knowing whether the grenade was live or dangerous, the resident called police at about 2 p.m. Saturday. He was driving in his car with the grenade, and police advised him to pull over immediately, according to the police report.

York notified the Maine State Bomb Squad and a local officer and Sgt. Chris Harriman from the bomb squad met the resident in an open area behind the Meadowbrook Plaza on Route 1.
Harriman took the grenade back to the squad's headquarters in Gray, where experts didn't determine whether it was live or not, he said. They took no chances, detonating the grenade with explosives.

What's unusual about the incident, according to Harriman, is that it happens all the time.
"World War II memorabilia, we get them all the time," he said Wednesday. "We get close to 50 (calls) a year. Everything: Grenades, mortars, bomb fuses, rockets..."

Most are found by family members as they sort through the belongings of a loved one who served during World War II, Harriman said. In most instances, the family had no idea that a grenade or other potentially explosive souvenir was sitting in an attic, cellar, garage or closet for decades.


See, I don't just make all this stuff up. Most of it, maybe, but not all of it.