Saturday, March 10, 2012

Expansion of our CERT Outreach program and upcoming events

Have you ever seen a movie and told your friends that they should see it? Has a business you patron given you good service and you shared it with neighbors, family and friends? Has the CERT training you took enriched your life and gave you the tools to be a valuable resource? Have you dreamed about being a booth babe or booth dude? The answer to all these questions is YES!!

Our CERT program is expanding the Outreach effort. Outreach plays an important part in filling our CERT Basic and CERT 2 classes along with educating the public in emergency preparedness.
We are looking for outgoing dedicated people to share the CERT message of preparedness and training. As the weather gets nicer, we have some big annual events coming up, but more on that later, the plain true is that we need you! More and more businesses, homeowner and faith-based organizations have been requesting us to come out and talk CERT. We have a one night Outreach training seminar you can attend to give you the tools and confidence. Please, email me at with your name, class number and contact info. Thanks!
So, here are the big events that are on the horizon. As you can see there are some events that overlap. Put them on your calendars.

May 26-----Fair Oaks Ambulance Chase and Fun Run
May 26, 27, 28…..Viva Vienna
May 31- June 3….Herndon Festival
June 8- 10…….Celebrate Fairfax
At some of these events, we have an operational role and/ or Outreach effort.
If all the time you can give is an hour or two at one event, that’s great. We need you.
Please, send me an email with which event or events you would like to participate in.