Friday, March 30, 2012



Actors Needed:

On May 5th, the current CERT classes will be holding their final exercise. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in the drill, if you would like to play a victim, please contact the actor coordinator at

Fairfax County Cert has been asked to provide support for the Woodley Hills trailer community's first ever evacuation drill on April 10th at 7PM.Woodley Hills is a trailer park community on Route 1 and Lockheed Blvd. In the south county/ Alexandria area. The premise of the drill is to test a Woodley hills/Fairfax County OEM designed evacuation plan.

We need CERT members to help make their drill a success. This event is open to cert basic and cert 2 members. We can use as many certs as wish to participate. If you wish to participate in this drill please contact CERT Bruce Jones at

Upcoming Classes:

• There will be a CERT I class at the Word of Life Church in Springfield beginning April 14th.

• NSC First Aid - Designed for emergency response teams, safety personnel, supervisors and the general public, this course teaches how to respond to breathing emergencies, identifying and caring for bleeding, sudden illness and injuries, and techniques for preventing disease transmission. (3.5 hours)

First Aid – May 8 at the Fire and Rescue Academy

First Aid – May 15 at FS22, the Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department

• There is a proposed refresher class in the Mt. Vernon area in May.

• We are working with Ft. Belvoir to schedule CERT I classes for residents and DOD employees.

Once the above class dates are confirmed, we will notify you that registration is open on the CERT Server.

Due to construction at their facility, the WMATA CERT class has been put on hold until further notice.

We are in the process of developing extracurricular mini-courses which are not necessarily part of the FEMA CERT curriculum, but are emergency preparedness related. These courses will be posted in future emails.

Upcoming Operational Events:

Girls on the Run 5k – May 20

Fair Oaks Fun Run – May 26

Viva Vienna - May 26, 27, 28

Herndon Festival - May 31 – June 3-IC position taken, still need volunteers!

Celebrate Fairfax - June 8, 9, 10

We need IC's and volunteers for all the upcoming events.

For multi day events, we need multiple IC’s.

If you would like to be an IC for one of the events, please contact Steve Richardson at or .

The IC for each event will coordinate the volunteers.

Celebrate Fairfax, Herndon Festival and Viva Vienna also have an Outreach component, we will be looking for volunteers to fill those positions too.