Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome CERT class 60 and 61 –Exercise-Exercise-Exercise

Hurricane Victoria, a category 3 storm roared by the east coast and made landfall with a direct hit to Fredericksburg, VA on May 3, 2012. By May 5th, Hurricane Victoria had been downgraded to a tropical storm after dropping 12 inches of rain in Northern Virginia. First responders from Fairfax county and surrounding jurisdictions were overwhelmed with high water rescues in the flooded areas of Great Falls, Bell Haven and Alexandria. Fairfax County CERT was activated to assist a retirement community in the Lorton area.
Upon arrival at the retirement community, the CERT Incident Commander (IC), Bjorn B. set up his command post. After a safety briefing, IC Bjorn B. assigned CERT Tierney M. to Medical and directed her to set up her Medical area at the community center. CERT Robert M. was assigned Logistics, CERT Crystal B. was assigned to the command post to assist the IC as Accountability.
CERT teams were sent out throughout the community to do initial size-ups and report back as to the extent of the damage to the community and to bring back any walking wounded. Other teams were assigned to assist CERT Tierney M. in the Medical area.
Mean while CERT Tierney M., set –up the Medical area with a victim sign-in and designated areas for Red, victims needing immediate medical assistance, Yellow, victims that medical assistance could be delayed and Green, or walking wounded. A team that was assigned to CERT Robert M. brought medical supplies to the Medical area.
As CERT teams reported back to IC Bjorn B., they and other CERT teams were assigned to enter lightly damaged homes to search for and rescue victims.
As the day progressed, CERT teams found and brought out victims from damaged homes in the community and brought them to Medical for treatment.
That evening, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue was able to free up 4 EMTs and an ambulance from Vienna fire station #2. The ambulance crew came on scene and was briefed by the CERT IC. It was determined that the ambulance crew would go to the Medical area and start transporting the most seriously injured.
All victims were found. The exercise was completed. Lunch was provided and CERT graduation certificates were issued. Another successful CERT final exercise was completed at the old Lorton Juvenile Prison.