Saturday, July 28, 2012

Minutes from July 2012 CERT Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee Monthly Meeting
July 17, 2012 ~ 7:00pm
Fairfax County Government Center, Room 232

Meeting Minutes

Opening comments and updates from Jeffrey Katz.

• Discussion about derecho and thoughts of how CERT can support the OEM.
• New Annex for volunteers in progress.
• Volunteer Management System (VMS). This software is anticipated to manage all Fairfax volunteer programs; tracks training, calendars, hours and notifications. All volunteers will require a background check.
• CERT CON 2012 – Fairfax County represented by 20 registered, 12 attended. Recent CERT, Shannon Klee – 60, wrote an article describing her experiences and shared some highlights, including statistics about a survey conducted with prior year participants (average age of CERTs = 53 yrs), Fairfax County’s affinity with Duct tape, advantages of multi-jurisdictional exposure, the ‘dance’, differences in techniques as taught and practiced in various jurisdictions.
• Fairfax County host CERT Con in 2014 – discussed opportunity.
 Action Item: Missy T-F to research details and source of funding.
• CERT presentation to Battalion Chief – engage Steve W.
• Board of Supervisors (Advisory Committee) presentation in September - tbd
• Fairfax County 4H request for First Aid support – James S to forward request to Jeffrey K.
• Camporee – long term plans for 2014.
• Citizens Corp Council Representative – James S
• Review Steering Committee positions for next meeting.

Committee Reports
Training Coordinator- James Sobecke
Assistant- Missy Tuttle-Ferrio

Class Date Location
CERT Refresher – Command July 25, 2012 Fire and Rescue Academy (FRA)
CERT Refresher – ICS Aug 1, 2012,
Aug 8, 2012 FRA
CERT Animal Response Module 1 Aug 15, 2012 FRA
CERT II Sep 4, 2012,
Sep 6, 2012 FRA
Disaster Psychology Sep 12, 2012 (new date),
Sep 26, 2012 (new date) FRA
CERT Refresher Sep 17, 2012 Mount Vernon
CERT I Oct 1, 2012 Mount Vernon
NSC First Aid tbd tbd
NSC CPR tbd tbd
WMATA Safety Class tbd tbd
Ropes and Knots tbd tbd
Radio Communications
(content prepared and ready - James S) tbd tbd
 Action Item: Susy L to coordinate with FRD contact to develop content and propose date tbd
Note: Scheduling should be prior to Oct exercise and allow practice at last few classes tbd
Train the Trainer (FEMA)
Note: Requires endorsement from your jurisdiction. Procedure – Show interest, be active in program, submit request.
 Action Item: James S to track attendance Nov 5-7, 2012,
Feb 4-6, 2013,
May 6-8, 2013,
Aug 19-21, 2013

EMI in Emittsburg
CERT I for Ft Belvoir
 Action Item: James S work with contact to get buy-in tbd Ft Belvoir
CERT 1 for Exxon Mobil
 Action Item: James S confirm tbd Exxon Mobil onsite
(14 interested)

Volunteer Coordinator- Mary Moon (absent)

Event Action Plan and After Action Report developed by James S well received and should become standard tools for all events.
A Steering Committee member should attend first CERT class to explain program in Fairfax County. Attend again toward end of class to reiterate opportunities and how to get involved.

Actor Victim Coordinator- Kevin Mullins (absent)
Assistant-Scott Sterling (absent)

PG County CERT members interested to volunteer as actors at next drill.

Team Coordinator- Susy Ledgerwood

This program is on hold and waiting further instructions from Jeffrey Katz.

Logistics Coordinator- Lani Young
Assistants- Alia Carbone (absent), Faith McCormick

T-shirts – need to order S, M, XX
Polo shirts – need to order S
 Action Item: Lani Y to confirm shirt quantities/sizes to order
Hats – Jeffrey has the hats
Backpacks – 228 @ warehouse, yellow. Suggested new operating procedure to inventory packs prior to distribution at class.
Crow bars – have inventory
Giveaways for outreach – cannot obtain with grant money (pens, whistles)
Bags - Canvas vs. string. Not for giveaways, consider obtaining for transporting outreach materials.
Vests – need larger sizes
 Action Item: Jeffrey K to order larger sizes of vests
Radios – FRS – James S making up 3 ‘Radio Go Kits’ consisting of a dozen radios, power strip, chargers, batteries and instructions
Storage bin and trailer – we have a 3rd bin to be used for Outreach materials
Trailer – should be maintained for Operational use
Bins – use for Inventory
Need to organize trailer prior to next exercise.

Operational Role Event Coordinators- Steve Richardson

The next Camporee target date is 2014.

PIO- Judy Howell
Assistant- Bob McDonald

Bob McD volunteered to assist Judy with entering dates in VDEM calendar.
 Action Item: Bob McD – Contact Dana P for info and password, submit dates for VDEM calendar
Change model at outreach events to provide instructions of how to register for info and training rather than have people sign up on a list and we follow up.

Teams- Jack Ledgerwood
Assistant Bob Greenwald (absent)

This program is on hold and waiting further instructions from Jeffrey Katz.

Secretary- Anita Van der Merwe

Anita is developing a clean Steering Committee email distribution list. A draft list was distributed for attendees to indicate their identity and confirm email addresses.
 Action Item: Anita VdM to share confirmed email distribution list with everyone.

Scheduled Events

Event Date Contact person / Next steps

State Department Presentation July 18, 2012 tbd
Fairfax County 4H Aug 4-5, 2012 James S – request material from K9 module presenter
National Night Out
(sponsored by Target) August 7, 2012 Judy H to follow up
Meet the Canteen
August 21, 2012 (next Steering Committee mtg) Missy T-F to coordinate.
CERTs are asked to volunteer with the Canteen to support FRD. The ’dance’.
Ft Belvoir Drill August 28, 2012 (class)
August 30, 2012 (drill) 7:00-10:00 James S
Get Ready Fairfax
@ Tysons Corner Center September 10, 2012
10:00-16:00 tbd
911 Presentation Sep 11, 2012 Judy H to obtain info
Pentagon National Preparedness Fair Sep 19, 2012
(6:00-10:00 set-up,
10:00-16:00 fair) Judy H

BAH Preparedness Fair September 2012 tbd
Military appreciation unknown James S
Fall for Fairfax Sep 29-30, 2012 tbd
Event Date Contact person / Next steps
CERT Final Drill Oct 20, 2012 tbd
Capital Shield October 2012 Rich Hall – Safety Officer,
Judy H
Fire Station Open Houses tbd CERTs encouraged to interface with local fire stations to establish need and make connection.
Jeffrey K - Mention in Friday email

Action Items Recap

 Missy T-F to research details and source of funding for hosting CERT Con
 Susy L to coordinate with FRD contact to develop content and propose date for Moulage class
 James S to develop tracking mechanism for FEMA Train the Trainer attendance
 James S continue working with Ft Belvoir contact to get buy-in for CERT I class
 James S confirm Exxon Mobil CERT I class
 Lani Y to confirm shirt quantities/sizes to order
 Jeffrey K to order larger sizes of vests
 Bob McD to contact Dana P for info and password, submit dates for VDEM calendar
 Anita VdM to share confirmed email distribution list for Steering Committee.

Attendance (name and class# or affiliation)
1. Jeffrey Katz – Fairfax County Volunteer Liaison
2. Bob McDonald – 44
3. Judy Howell – 29
4. Susy Ledgerwood – 4
5. Jack Ledgerwood – 4
6. Dana Powers – Fairfax County FRD
7. James Sobecke – 32
8. Steve Richardson – 14
9. Lani Young – 4
10. Missy Tuttle-Ferrio – 55
11. Faith McCormick – 27
12. Anita Van der Merwe – 61
13. Shannon Klee – 60
14. Paul Davis – 60
15. Patricia (Pati) Gabaldoni - 60

Next Meeting
The next Fairfax County CERT Steering Committee meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at The Fairfax County Government Center. All CERT members are welcome to attend.
The Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035
Room 232