Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Walton Feed Order deadline is September 30

There are many Food Storage/Emergency preparedness companies to purchase from. Walton Feed is one of them. We do not endorse any of them. This announcement is for your convenience.

With food prices climbing and no end in site. It would be wise to plan ahead and start working or adding to your food storage and preparedness plans.

Walton Feed Fall 2012 order's deadline is September 30. If you are interested in looking at a current price list and seeing the products that they offer, Please, email me at jhowell695@gmail.com. Walton feed carrys bulk items in pails,25lb and 50lb bags, #2.5 and #10 cans of freeze dryed and dryed items, as well as beans, wheat, rice, etc. They also have books on food storage and how to use it. I also have information on what to storage and how much to storage as to the family size. They also carry water storage solutions.
The larger our order the closer the truck from Idaho will deliver. Delivery is projected to be around Thanksgiving.

Interested: contact me at jhowell695@gmail.com