Friday, August 3, 2012

Outreach help for National Night Out

Fellow CERT members...we are in need of help staffing Outreach booths at three events for NNO on Tuesday August 7. These events start at 6 pm and end at 9 pm. The locations are as follows:

Burke Target

Middleridge Park

Skyline PLaza

I live in Skyline Plaza and can work that event by myself, but try as I might, I'm not omnipresent. I need a couple of people at Burke Target and Middleridge Park. All locations have been great fun in past years. I have asked that we not be located by the stage at Middleridge Park this year, so it will be easier to "talk" CERT to our neighbors there.

I will need team leads for Burke Target and Middleridge.

Please, conact me with your name, class #, email and which location you can work at.

Judy Howell