Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire Station Open Houses, CERT help needed for 6 stations this Saturday

Calling All CERT's! We still need more CERT members to help at the Fire Station Open Houses. Having at least 4 CERT members per station at any given time would be best. If you could just do a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon, we can use you. All day participation, the fire dept. will feed you! This event is on October 13, Saturday,9:30-4:00 pm at most stations.

Springfield would like us there at 0730 to help with set-up.

Did you know that during the derecho storm when the 911 system went down, we were really close to being called out to the fire stations? These Fire Station Open Houses are a great way to get to know the Fire and Rescue personnel at these stations. If the station is the one that responds to your neighborhood, that’s an even better reason to volunteer as a CERT for their open house.

Here are the stations that we will have an outreach/ possible operational role:


Vienna/ 02

Burke/ 14


Fair Oaks/ 21


email and to volunteer.