Monday, March 4, 2013

Visit the New Citizen Corps and CERT Web Pages

FEMA has consolidated all of its online content, including content currently on the Citizen Corps website, into two websites: and In addition to reducing costs, this website migration provides an opportunity to increase the visibility of our programs to an entirely new audience and to recruit new volunteers. The new website locations also give you easy access to more resources than ever and an updated look and feel for online content.   

Now when you try visiting the original Citizen Corps website, you should be automatically redirected to the new page at Likewise, if you try visiting the original CERT website, you should be automatically redirected to its new page at

The new web pages should have all of the functions of the original Citizen Corps and CERT websites, including program registration and profile updates. We also intend to build out State-specific pages to drive more traffic to the State websites. If anything is missing or does not work properly, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Be sure to check out the new Citizen Corps and CERT web pages today for the latest program news and updates!