Thursday, May 29, 2014

Action Alert: Download the FEMA Disaster Reporter App and Share Your CERT Selfie!

Fairfax County CERTs -- you can help raise the profile of Fairfax County CERT, just by taking a selfie!

Your humble blogger, taking a selfie to upload with the FEMA mobile app.
  1. Download the FEMA smartphone app (available free for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices)
  2. Use the app's Disaster Reporter feature to take a photo: It should be a self portrait of you wearing your CERT gear; a pic of you and your emergency preparedness kit; or one from a previous CERT drill or exercise. (Note: You can only upload geotagged photos.)
  3. Add a caption and description to your photo and share it using the app.
Special Note: If you can upload your photo by noon ET on Thursday, May 29, your photo may be seen in a briefings for high-level federal officials... and perhaps even the President! (If you can't make it by noon, you can still upload your CERT selfie through June 6.)

The FEMA mobile app's Disaster Reporter submission screen.

Background: As part of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, FEMA administrator Craig Fugate is challenging all CERTs to download FEMA's mobile app, and use its Disaster Reporter feature to take a CERT selfie and upload it.

Administrator Fugate wants to literally put CERT teams "on the map" (take a look at what other CERTs have uploaded); show how crowdsourced information can be used to help emergency responders; and use the CERT selfies in demonstrations and briefings showing the capabilities of CERT and hard-working CERT volunteers.

Once you've taken and shared your CERT selfie, try out the other features of the FEMA app, which is an easy way for CERTs and non-CERTs alike to instantly increase their emergency preparedness knowledge and get resources useful before, during, and after a disaster.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your CERT selfie, and help raise the profile of CERT and Fairfax County CERTs!

(p.s. If you don't already get email updates from FEMA, sign up now: Get free updates from FEMA via email or text message)

Joe Loong is a Blog Editor and Social Media Specialist for Fairfax County CERT. You can email him at

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