Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exclusive Volunteer Opportunity for CERTs Only: 2015 World Police & Fire Games

[Editor's Note: Jeffrey Katz, Volunteer Liaison, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, reminds us of a unique volunteer opportunity for CERTs coming up in 2015. Read on!]
CERTs pose with the mascot of the 2015 World Police & Fire Games. Photo by Carlos Santiso.
The World Police & Fire Games are a spectacular international sporting event, offering police officers, firefighters, customs and correction officers from around the world an opportunity to showcase their athletic excellence in 'Olympic'-style sporting events.

Held biennially, the Games will be held in Fairfax County, VA from June 26 – July 5, 2015.

They are expecting 12,000 athletes from 70 countries participating in 60 sports at 53 venues over the 10 days, and we need you.

VOLUNTEERS have been integral to the success of the World Police & Fire Games since they were first used during the 1985 Games in San Jose, and as Fairfax County and the National Capital Region prepare to host the Games once again, the role of VOLUNTEERS has never been more important.

The 2015 World Police & Fire Games will need upwards of 3,000 people to take on a wide variety of roles across the National Capital Region during the Games: from welcoming visitors to transporting athletes, assisting Sports Coordinators in the delivery of sport, helping out behind the scenes in the Technology team and making sure the results are displayed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Without VOLUNTEERS the Games cannot exist. The organizing committee for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games is determined that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for thousands of people to help deliver the most spectacular Games ever.

So what does that mean?

Well, if you are over 18, we would love to have you, your family and your friends volunteer for a minimum of 4 shifts during the duration of the event.  If you want to be a general volunteer, and help make this the best games ever, please click here.

General VOLUNTEERS perform tasks such as greeters, ushers, logistics, drivers, etc…

However, if you want to be more than just a general volunteer, and utilize your CERT training, please click here.

The organizing committee recognizes that because of your CERT training, you have unique qualifications and they want to make the most of your abilities!  They understand that CERTs are trained to be calm and act appropriately in emergency situations.  They also know that you will recognize when it is necessary to call first responders and when you can render simple first aid to spectators yourselves.  This is the first opportunity we have had where CERTs will have a defined, meaningful role in the ICS for a county-wide event.  Let’s show them what we can do!

CERTs will sign-up for your shifts on the World Police & Fire Games website, but you will sign up as a “Medical Volunteer” not a “General Volunteer.”  (That is, if you have completed the full CERT curriculum, have a current CPR/AED card, and have been trained in basic first aid.)

We will be offering many more sessions of CPR/AED training to help boost our cadre of CERT VOLUNTEERS who have attained these certifications.  There will be other classes offered as well in the coming year to help prepare you for this event.

There will be many benefits for volunteering for this event!  The World Police & Fire Games will be providing staff T-shirts and in some cases, uniforms, for all VOLUNTEERS. These will be yours to keep. There will also be many stores and businesses that will be offering discounts during the games to World Police & Fire Games VOLUNTEERS.

Your insurance needs will be completely covered by the World Police & Fire Games.  There is no need to worry if your jurisdiction does not cover you to work outside of your city or county.  You will be covered for accident or injury.

This is the last time the World Police & Fire Games will be held in the United States for at least 10 years.  Fairfax County and the National Capital Region want to go above and beyond what has been done in the past and make these the best games ever for the athletes, families, and spectators.  Please go to the website and sign up today for at least four shifts and help us accomplish this goal!

Jeffrey Katz is Volunteer Liaison, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department. You can email him at Jeffrey.Katz@fairfaxcounty.gov

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