Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Are Here: Local CERT Teams in the Process of Forming

The Fairfax County CERT Program is seeking your participation in the establishment and expansion of local CERT Teams throughout Fairfax County.

The Fairfax County CERT Program is moving forward with the development of Local (community or neighborhood) CERT Teams. Consistent with the CERT mission, the goal of this effort is to encourage and foster the formation of Local CERT Teams by bringing together interested CERTs who live or work in close proximity to each other, to form teams capable of responding locally to disasters when professional responders are overwhelmed or delayed in their ability to respond; “neighbors helping neighbors.”

There currently are a small number of local teams; we would like to expand this number where there is sufficient support.

If you are interested in joining, leading, or helping to form a local CERT team in your neighborhood, your community, or where you work, please send an email to TEAMS@fairfaxcountycert.org with the following information:

  • Name:
  • CERT Class (if known):
  • Email:
  • Address (please include your zip code to help us sort):
  • Phone number:
  • If you are already part of a local CERT Team, please indicate the Team Name:
  • Please indicate if you are interested or willing to help organize a team:
  • Provide any other information you feel is relevant:

It may take a few weeks to compile data, but we will reach back out to all of those who respond with a plan to share information and coordinate local networking.

The Fairfax County CERT Program needs your support.

Thank you,

CERT Team Working Group

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