Thursday, May 28, 2015

Come Play! CERT Mass Casualty Exercise, Sat. June 6, Lorton Training Site

Let's be real: How long has it been since you put on your CERT gear and practiced your CERT skills in a full-scale exercise, featuring realistically moulaged victim actors in an authentically damaged disaster site?

At Lorton exercises, we can really make a mess and simulate "big and bad."
Or, for our recent CERT graduates, how'd you like to test your skills in a disaster response scene that's 10 times bigger and more intense than what you went through?

Does anyone else smell smoke?
Join us Saturday, June 6, from 7AM to 3PM at the Lorton Training Site (home of Fairfax County's elite urban search and rescue team, Virginia Task Force 1) for a CERT mass casualty exercise that will push your CERT training to the limit!

Welcome to Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue's Lorton Training Site.
Used by professional first responders who need a realistically damaged urban disaster scene, the Lorton Training Site at the former Lorton Juvenile Detention Center provides a unique opportunity for CERTs to train in an authentic disaster scene.

Views of the authentically damaged Lorton buildings.

When filled with live victim actors wearing high-quality wound makeup, it's the most realistic training CERTs will get short of an actual disaster. (Also, all victim actors can come free! The more, the merrier! See the registration page for more info.)

Does this bring back any memories? Reminder: It's just makeup.
We're looking for responders and victim actors to play in the exercise (as well as a few more controllers, evaluators, and ham radio operators). We'd especially like to invite trained CERTs from other programs in the National Capital Region to participate as responders (so we can work together like we do during CERT CONs).

Also new this year, especially for our Local Neighborhood CERT Teams: You can register and respond as a team. Just choose the "Create a team" or "Join a team" options at signup. (And don't worry if you're not on a team, or you want to work with CERTs from other jurisdictions -- you can still sign up for the drill as an individual!)

For only $7 (victim actors pay nothing), you'll receive breakfast and lunch from one of Fairfax County Fire & Rescue's Canteen trucks, as well as the opportunity to take an exclusive tour of the Lorton Training Site used by Virginia Task Force 1.

For full details, visit our signup page:

Sign up today and we'll see you at Lorton on June 6!

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