Friday, May 15, 2015

Congratulations to All Our New Fairfax County CERT Graduates!

First off, I apologize for getting a little behind in posting recaps from the final exercises for Fairfax County CERT Classes 94 & 95. (And from the Dulles disaster drill... and the moulage workshops... and....) We're working on it.

In the meantime, please join me in congratulating the CERTs from our most recent training classes:

Class 90 - George Mason University: I wrote previously about GMU Class 90, where Adjunct and Volunteer Instructors went over to the GMU campus to teach CERT as part of the students' coursework. Here's an update with a team photo taken a few days after their final exercise, when the new CERTs received their certificates:

CERTs of GMU Class 90 receive their certificates. Photo: Brian Talbot.

Class 91 - Tysons Corner and Class 92 - Burke: I already wrote about Classes 91 and 92, which were taught at locations in the community, but I'll feature their class photos again for the sake of completeness:

CERTs of Tysons Corner Class 91. Photo: James Sobecke.

CERTS of Burke Class 92. Photo: Donna Hosek.
Class 94 - Fire Academy (There was no Class 93):

CERTs of Fire Academy Class 94 (as well as one member of Class 95). Photo: Joe Loong

Class 95 - Vienna: This CERT class trained at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, but performed their final exercise at the Fire Academy, which I believe is a first for us:

CERTs of Class 95. Photo: Joe Loong
Class 96 - Mount Vernon: Class 96 trained at the Mount Vernon Government Center in Alexandria, and completed their final exercise at Fire Station11 (Penn Daw).

Photo: Jim McPheeters

If you're interested in taking CERT training, as of right now, there are a few spots left in Class 97, which starts this Monday, May 18 at the Fire Academy; the class meets Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-10:30pm. Register now.

Want to get CERT training at your place? If you're part of a homeowner's association, workplace, or other community group, can get a minimum of 12 people to commit to CERT training, and can provide a training space (community center, clubhouse, meeting room, etc.), CERT instructors will come to you! Email James Sobecke at for more info.

Congratulations to all the new CERTs! We hope you'll stay involved with us, whether it's participating as a victim actor in an exercise; taking advantage of our many advanced training classes; talking up CERT to your neighbors and friends; or coming to the monthly CERT program meetings (usually at the Fairfax County Government Center, every third Tuesday from 7-9:30pm).

CERTs, please join us in welcoming all the new members!

Joe Loong, volunteer Social Media Specialist for Fairfax County CERT, is an editorial content and community engagement consultant. You can email him at

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