Thursday, May 21, 2015

Save the Date to Save on Duct Tape (& More)!

Memorial Day weekend is mere days away! (Or may have already started, depending on how sneaky you are.) We're posting this early so it doesn't get lost in the holiday shuffle -- in addition to grilling, swimming, and all those other traditional unofficial-start-of-summer activities, if you're planning on hitting any Memorial Day sales, keep this in mind:

Virginia's Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday starts Monday, May 25! (And ends at midnight, May 31.)

Virginia's Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday: May 25-31

During this period, you won't be charged Virginia sales tax on CERT-friendly preparedness gear (whether you buy at a store or from Amazon or another online retailer) when you buy the following items under $60, including:
  • Duct tape!

  • Batteries and cell phone chargers
  • Flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and glow sticks
  • First aid kits
  • Rope and tarps
  • Weather radios and two-way radios
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fuel and water storage containers
  • And more!
And like last year, chain saws under $350 and generators under $1,000 are also exempt.

So be smart -- check out the Memorial Day sales specials for gear you need, and save on sales tax on top of that!
    The full list is below -- it's the same as last year's. You can see more information, including frequently asked questions, at the Virginia Department of Taxation site:

    Reminder, all this ties into National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 24-31), which is just before the official start of US hurricane season (June 1).

    In case you needed to be reminded on why hurricanes are a threat, see the National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center's YouTube video series on hurricanes:

    Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day holiday, everyone!

    Joe Loong is a Blog Editor and Social Media Specialist for Fairfax County CERT. You can email him at

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