Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CERTs Attend 30th Anniversary CERT Conference

The 6th Annual National Capital Region CERT Conference is coming up in 10 days (Sept. 24 & 25), but Fairfax County CERTs also represented at the 30th Anniversary National CERT Conference in Universal City, California.

The CERT contingent consisted of Missy, Anita, and our special representative, CERTainly Jeffrey:

Fueling up for the big trip. (What, no nuts?)
Buckled in and ready to go!
Only the best for CERTainly Jeffrey... exit row, because he's trained.
Napping during the flight...
Ready to paint the town duct tape gray!
We'll see if we can get some thoughts about the conference from our intrepid travelers, but if you come to CERTCON 2016, you can ask them yourselves!